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Egypt’s New Capital has developed from just a dream to a reality.

Welcome to the heart of innovation and modernity- The New Administrative Capital. Our mission at the Administrative Capital For Urban Development (ACUD) is clear: to create, manage, and transform Egypt’s New Administrative Capital into a must-visit destination on local, regional, and global scales.  Experience a city that seamlessly blends cutting-edge urban planning, smart designs, and advanced technologies to ensure the safety, efficiency, and vitality of both our cherished residents and esteemed visitors. We’re proud to introduce the latest in smart infrastructure systems, setting a new standard for smart cities worldwide. All this, while embracing the rich heritage and spirit of sustainability rooted in Egypt’s ancient history and its time-honored traditions of innovation and self-reliance. Join us in shaping the future, where tradition meets innovation, and where the past paves the way for an extraordinary, sustainable tomorrow.

Our Mission Our Vision
Our mission blends growth, investment, and operational excellence for a vibrant, sustainable urban haven. Celebrating our successes, we invite new residents, deepening our commitment.
Navigating investments strategically, we ensure operational efficiency, setting the standard for
urban living in the New Administrative Capital. Our goal; a beacon of excellence in urban innovation and financial success.
As smart city pioneers, we envision advanced technology blending seamlessly with human-
centric design, setting new standards for urban living in the New Administrative Capital.
Committed to innovation and sustainability, we strive for a dynamic environment that ensures
both a better life for residents and profitable outcomes through strategic investments.


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