Smart City

A Smart City

The new Capital is a city where innovation and technology come together to create a truly smart and connected urban experience. Welcome to a city where every aspect of life is enhanced by cutting-edge technology, making your daily routines more efficient and enjoyable. Explore the intelligence that defines us:

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Connectivity: Our infrastructure is seamlessly linked through optical fibers, using cutting-edge FTTX technology to ensure that you're always connected to what matters most.
Security: Your safety is our top priority. The entire city is equipped with a network of CCTV cameras, all connected to our central Security Control and Command Center.
Smart Data: We're collecting and integrating data from all corners of the city, channeling it into a certified Uptime data center to inform decisions and enhance your experience
Digitization: We're leading the digital transformation of services and city management, ensuring that everything is at your fingertips, accessible and efficient.
Pioneering: Our state-of-the-art city serves as a model for progress, setting a standard that will be replicated across Egypt and beyond
Centralization: Streamlined operation of all services through a user-friendly mobile application and portal, putting you in control and providing access to everything you need.
CCC command and control center: This center is responsible for safety and emergency response. It also plays a significant role in detecting accidents and unusual activities. This is facilitated by the integration of city-wide video broadcasting with advanced analytics,Additionally, the center assists in connecting various public safety departments (police, ambulance, fire department) to improve incident response and enable unified dispatching in real-time,furthermore, it provides
COC city operation center : It is the entity responsible for managing all operational tasks related to facilities and public services in the city through specialized companies in the execution, operation, and management of each facility or public service, and directly interacting with residents at the individual and institutional levels, while applying the principle of complete separation between the service provider and the recipient. The collaborative environment for providing shared services requires the provision of each specific public service or facility by a specialized company through an efficient management platform that ensures the efficient delivery of services while simultaneously achieving cost reduction in operations.
CDC city data center : this center operates to provide all electronic services in the city through the cloud data center, while offering various packages for companies and developers, including PAAS, IAAS, and SAAS services. It's worth noting that all cloud services provided are fully compliant with the highest and latest cybersecurity standards, ensuring the security and privacy of customer data. Additionally, the center has obtained a Tier III certification accredited by the Uptime Institute.
The ACUD Mobile Application /Web Portal : provides a single view to the citizen for engaging with the New Administration Capital smart services.also it provides citizens the smart utilities management, governance/smart services along with e-payment facilities and complaint reporting.
Smart grids : is a modernized electric, water, and gas grid that uses advanced technology to integrate and manage resources effectively. In the new administrative capital, we are aiming to support the 100% renewable energy goal, which is crucial to overcoming climate change, and applying sustainability approaches.
smart meter : an advanced type of utility meter that digitally monitors and records the consumption of electricity, gas, or water in a more precise and detailed manner compared to traditional meters. These meters are equipped with communication technology that allows them to send usage data remotely to utility companies, eliminating the need for manual meter readings. Smart meters often provide real-time information to both consumers and utility providers, enabling better management of energy or water usage, and more accurate billing.
Smart Irrigation: It refers to the use of technology to optimize the watering of plants, or landscaping in a more efficient and precise manner. Traditional irrigation methods often result in water wastage due to overwatering or inefficient scheduling. Smart irrigation systems leverage sensors, weather data, and automated controls to deliver the right amount of water to plants based on factors such as soil moisture levels, weather conditions, and plant type.


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